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About us

Be Your Super Hero Personal Training & Coaching was founded in 2017 during the preparation of several challenges, sprint triathlon and Olympic distance Triathlon performed by Miguel Casado and Germano Giansante.

The concept involves a total shift of approach towards training, where the limits and the mental obstacles are eliminated through coaching sessions in order to achieve the best performance while focusing on body workouts.

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Why Be Your Superhero?

  • Holistic approach to health: body & mind connection

  • Wide range of exercises: not a regular ‘bootcamp’

  • Motivational, human approach to coaching: atmosphere, not focused on practical

  • Community of people that want to keep fit

Is ‘Be Your Superhero’ training for you?

Be Your Superhero offers a holistic approach to exercise. We believe that the body and the mind need to work together to boost motivation and gain energy. When you train your mind to develop the right mentality, your body will follow accordingly. That’s how you’ll get into your best shape ever.

We customise your health plan to fit your personal needs – all fitness levels are welcome. Our training will always be interactive and fun, but above all sustainable. We’ll help you build a solid foundation to maintain your health in the long run and create an exercise routine that keeps your body strong allround.

Our training includes techniques like Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training, interval training, elements of functional movement, strength & conditioning, mobility, breathing techniques and visualisation. We’re on top of the latest trends while making sure our methods are based on scientific research.


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